Why it takes so much time for organizations to respond to external or internal events?

Organizations are definitely not machines, organizations are systems. A system is a collection of parts interacting one with each other to reach a common purpose. Systems like machines have flaws and problems, the main difference between systems and machines is that systems are very hard to predict due to the complexity resulted from many parts and interactions between parts.

Systems that survive for a long time have one behavior or DNA in common, they can change and evolve very fast to react to any event or feedback that they are receiving from their internal and (more important) external environment. But, companies can’t! Or to be more accurate most of the companies can’t.

First and foremost We believe that organizations shouldn’t react to events; they need to create events that required others to react to events generated by their environment. We also think that organizations are struggling with a fast response due to the way that they are structured and operate, or due to the system.

Be able to respond is the ability of organizations to:

  • Innovate new methods of working or solutions
  • Speak openly about problems and to share lessons learned with others
  • have clear directions to groups derived from one goal
  • work base on collaboration instead of politics
  • be able to keep customers happy, surprised and satiated all the time
  • balance workload between all members of the organization
  • ensure decision making is not biased or based on cognitive biases
  • ensure engagement is at peak all the time.

Galaxies provides a solution that solicits events/feedbacks from companies internal and external environment and streamlines the response time of the right function in a company. In a nutshell, we are doing it by using technology to turn your organization into an optimized neuron system that can innovate and response fast.

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