Running Companies on #NonDeterministic #Management (NDM) – Purpose and Feedbacks

The most crucial cornerstone for each management system, but more essential for management system without central control is a clear purpose. A purpose, that anyone that is part of an organization or going to join the organization, can understand and want to follow. A clear purpose is not a new generation need, it is the glue that connects people together. With a compelling purpose, people will find ways to work together in order to reach thier common goals. Without a purpose, you need money and fear to motivate people. Each one of us knows if his company is a purpose-driven company, and regretfully the answer is no for most of us.

If your company design;t have a clear and attractive purpose, keep on using the current management system; on the other hand, understand that your company lifespan is shorter than you think. Companies with novel purpose are ready to add another layer of management that will prepare them to beat complexity.

Company peruse is not enough, you need to make sure that each group within your organization (big or small) also have a clear purpose that directly derived from the company purpose. without the previous condition, it is common to see different groups with different purposes that fight one with each other instead of collaborating to reach a common purpose. It is very uncommon to see an organization that follows the group purpose rule.

Watch the embedded video. It is a great example of how people can achieve tasks without central control and management.

This video is also a great illustration of why immediate feedbacks are crucial to augment clear purpose. A clear purpose is not enough. For many people to work together and to achieve their purpose, all the people need simple and clear feedbacks that will give them an indication if they achieving their purpose.

From experience, we learned that five simple relevant and easy to collect metrics will do the same in any organization and will help any size of groups to realize if they are moving forward and reaching their purpose. Metrics will also help people to see what is the pace of their success to reach their chosen purpose.

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