Principles that any company should have: Radical Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is a competency I wish I possessed many years ago. Being self-aware makes your life calmer as you are aware of your advantages and disadvantages. First and foremost, be aware of your strengths give you a lot of self-confidence. Self-Confidence is an essential spice for a better life. Once you are aware of your disadvantage and you will speak freely about them, you are not reacting when someone raises them. You are very comfortable speaking about your problems as speaking about your advantages. When someone mentions your weaknesses, you respond by acknowledging them and talking about them. By being vulnerable, you will engage other people. Every one of us has greatness and weaknesses. Being aware of them makes you a better person. Working in an environment that actively encourages people to be self-aware, creates a better working place. Continuously work and explore better ways to learn, understand, and be aware of how your advantages and disadvantages are impacting other people. Pay attention also to how different people influence you. Make sure you communicate the weaknesses you want to improve. If other people know what you’re working on a gap, they will do a lot to help you reach your goals.

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