CxO in #NoHierarchy organization?

I got several critical comments on my last #MicroStory on compensation regarding the CxOs that I used in the compensation example as functions. All the feedback were around how you can have a CxO in #NoHierarchy organization? People felt as this is an inherent flaw in the system and thinking.

As I mentioned in one of my last tweets hierarchy as two flavors:
1) Good hierarchy, which naturally builds from the bottom up and that is serving the lower elements of the hierarchy by filling necessary functions.
2) Bad Hierarchy, the one that most of us know, A hierarchy that dictated and the top is in place to think, give instructions and take care of their interest and more important their status.

One of the main attributes of a complex adaptive system is self-organization and many complex adaptive systems organized themselves using good hierarchy. One of the key principles of a good hierarchy is that the top of the hierarchy performing functions to the benefit of the rest, but they are subject to the same contracts that everyone has with the organization.

Therefore when you see a CEO or CFO function in #EcoAutonomous or on the Galaxies platform, this is just another function with artifacts that needed to be managed and accountabilities. This function is subject to contracts, like any other function. The CEO function is getting feedbacks by all other functions, the same as any other function. If the CEO function is getting three negative feedbacks from other functions, the person that is filling this function is automatically released from this function, the same as any other function.

CxO functions are necessary to be able to communicate and operate with other organizations and for some organization to provide coordination and motivation. CxO functions can be very between organizations and they will be always well defined, but they are functions like any other functions and the people that are filling them are people like any other people in the organization.

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