Principles: Radical truth is the glow between people

Regardless of where you are, this principle is simple and helpful in any situation. The paradox is that this principle is mention too many times in many places and by all religions for a reason, people are not following this simple principle for a lot of reasons.

Always say, use, and seek the truth, even if it’s not convenient. Be true to yourself and what you believe. When communicating with peers, customers, vendors, and even competitors, always tell the truth. It is better not to answer a question than reply with a lie.

It’s not enough to believe you hold the truth and you are right, always make sure that you can prove to yourself and others your truth. You should be able to prove to yourself and to others that your point, that you believe is the truth, is really true base on empirical and logical arguments. If you can’t, be open to admitting your mistake and adopt what proven to be the truth.

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