What organizations need to shine in a complex business environment?

Organizations need to implement characteristics of other systems in nature that survive and thrive in complexity and entropy for a long time.  the main 10 characteristics of such systems are:

1) The organization is running based on the attributes of complex adaptive systems.
2) A clear purpose is glue or gravity that attracts people to work together.
3) Self-management and Self-Organization are the two main operation principles after a clear purpose.
4) Instead of departments (silos of expertise), people are organized in hybrid teams with all needed expertise to reach a clear purpose.
5) Conflicts are resolved based on a vote that factor voters merit.
6) Radical self-awareness is executed by everyone in the organization.
7) Radical truth and radical transparency are essential operating principles.
8) Usually, their structure will be more like a network of connections and a less classical hierarchical structure.
9) Clear emphasis on how each element of the organization and the organization as a whole keeps on evolving to adjust to changes inside and outside the organization.
10) It’s a fun and engaging working environment!

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